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Home Image Tips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life

Tips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life

Tips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life

Tips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life                Are you an Emma Watson fan? Then you have all the reason to like her even more! First fact to base the truth is from the fact that she lived as a celebrity by the age of 9 and had  graduated in an Ivy League School. She’s a very good example to all the women who wants to be  successful in life. Here are the tips for a successful career based on Emma Watson’s life:

1. Prioritize.

Emma could have chosen not to go to school and care not about receiving a degree or not since she’s already a block buster celebrity but on the contrary, she chose the opposite. Enrolled herself in college and graduated with a degree.

In your life, learn to prioritize things and identify the temporal and the permanent. Wealth can be overwhelming but people could still it away from you. Education may sound boring but its something that no one can steal away from you.

4. Never forget respectfulness.

Respectfulness may be a minor thing but many of the doors of opportunity can be opened by respecting others and respecting yourself as well.

3. Be principled.

To quote Emma,

Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.

And that sentence just defines everything about success. Don’t follow the crowd’s trends. If they like to go down to a level where you know you’re not supposed to be, then don’t go for it just for the sake to be “in”.

4. Define your standards of achievement.

Success differs in every point of view. To some, being a celebrity or something that’s elite in your field is a success butTips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life to some, having a happy family would be one of the greatest achievement one could ever have. So for you,
set your own benchmarks of success. You have a different life than others so be different in terms of measuring success.

     5. Never be afraid.

Fear is normal but don’t let it creep into your soul and hinder you from achieving what you supposedly have achieved if you were not dwelling on fear. Be on your mark and let go of every fear and insecurities that you have. The world does not revolve for what other people say about you and your efforts.



6. Love yourself and appreciate what you can do.Tips for a Successful Career Based on Emma Watson’s Life

See yourself as someone capable of doing something that none can do perfectly as you. Its not being ambitious, its being confident in what you can do. Examine yourself what are your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. In such a way, you will learn more of yourself and be able to turn your weaknesses as strengths.


Don’t just be a fan of Emma, you can always be who you would like if you would follow these 6 simple steps in achieving what you want. Let Emma’s life be an inspiration to you.

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