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10 Things to Let Go for the Sake of Success


10 Things to Let Go for the Sake of SuccessIf you’re addicted to success and had brainstormed finding ways to be successful, then don’t worry. First thing that you need to do is to let go of some things that block your way to the road of success. Here are just 10 of the things that you might be treasuring not knowing that its hindering you to reach what you want – be ready to let go all of these:

1. Pessimism.

If you want luck to be on your side, then be optimistic and don’t even dare to think of negative things. It will only ruin every plan that you have. To Quote Sir Winston Churchill:


A pessimist sees every difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

2. Impatience.10 Things to Let Go for the Sake of Success

In all things that you do, be very patient and always be ready to extend it. If you’ll insist on being impatient, then there’s a greater chance that you won’t follow your plan. As an old saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.”

3. Excuses.

Learn to face the circumstances that resulted from what you’ve done. Don’t look for someone whom you can blame for your actions. Take note, most people don’t like to hear excuses.

4. Ungratefulness.

Being grateful for every small things that you have and you are in opens many doors for opportunity. Always learn to see the positive side of every situation.

10 Things to Let Go for the Sake of Success5. Laziness.

Don’t be a dreamer. Thinking of garnering achievements in life and not putting it into reality is being a dreamer. Whatever are your plans, your dreams and ambitions, pursue them in real terms.

6. Overly serious.

It’s nice to be serious on whatever you’re into but don’t overdo it. Let people see your smile often, laugh with your friends, spend quality time with your family.


7. Time management issues.

“Time is Gold.” Indeed it is! So be mindful of what you do. Ask yourself whether you are using your time wisely or are you wasting it? If you want to succeed in life, be an early bird.

8. Stress.10 Things to Let Go for the Sake of Success

Engage yourself in worthwhile activities like exercise, sports, and outdoor adventures. Life is too short to stress yourself out. Learn to accept that there are really things in life that you can’t control. Just learn to cope with the circumstances.

9. Comparisons.

You can set benchmarks based on something but do not compare yourself with other people. They have their own life story and so are you. There might have been some similarities but you are not the same with anyone. No one made it to success overnight. Those people that you look up to have been into a lot before they’ve made it to the top.

10. Mental malnutrition.

Feed your mind not only with physical brain foods but feed it with healthy concepts. Optimism, punctuality, and gratefulness are just some of the concepts that are good for your brain.


For further motivation about trying to be successful, here’s an inspirational vid from TED’s channel featuring Elizabeth Gilbert talking about success and failures:



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